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Forward-looking statements contained on this website should be evaluated together with the many uncertainties that affect Bristol Myers Squibb's business, particularly those identified in the cautionary factors discussion in the company's most recent annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K. duty, the completed stock transfer form must be submitted to the Stamp Office, please see the reverse of the form for details. If the reverse of the form is not appropriately completed and no stamp duty is paid, the form will be rejected. Check List Before you return this form, please check that you have completed the following actions: Transferring shares of stock to another person is a straightforward process that requires simple paperwork. Essentially, as long as you give written authorization that you want to transfer ownership of a stock, you can easily transfer it. In some cases, an additional certification stamp known as a Medallion guarantee Application form to transfer your certificated Centrica shares into FlexiShare: Although you can't transfer your shares online you can download the FlexiShare Application Form by visiting My Investments via your Shareview Portfolio: Please contact the shareholder helpline and Equiniti will arrange to send you the appropriate form Vstock Transfer is an SEC-registered stock transfer firm serving private companies, IPO's and issuers listed on NYSE American, NASDAQ and OTC Markets.

Brokerage Company: A brokerage company's main duty is to be a middleman that connects buyers and sellers to facilitate a transaction. Brokerage companies receive compensation by means of

Welcome to the Xcel Energy Inc. Shareholder Services' web site. This web site is designed to assist and provide convenient and useful information, such transfer agent contacts, access to our annual meeting supporting materials and how to access your account online. Shareholder Services. Buying Shares. Book-entry form is registered ownership of stock without the issuance of a corresponding stock certificate, as is the case with dividend reinvestment and direct purchase plans, employee plans and "Direct Registration System" issuances. Periodic statements of ownership are issued instead of certificates. I/We appoint Equiniti Financial Services Limited as the agent to arrange to sell shares for the holding shown above. This If you are acting as Power of Attorney or other legal representative on behalf of the registered holder the company named on the Postal Share Dealing Form, Equiniti Financial Services Limited and Equiniti Limited, If the shares are held in Barclays PLC, you will need to download and complete the Stock Transfer form below. Barclays PLC Stock Transfer Form. To proceed with the transfer, you will need to send the share certificate(s) with the completed Stock Transfer form to the address below. Equiniti Aspect House Spencer Road Lancing BN99 6DA United

Shareholder Services. Buying Shares. Book-entry form is registered ownership of stock without the issuance of a corresponding stock certificate, as is the case with dividend reinvestment and direct purchase plans, employee plans and "Direct Registration System" issuances. Periodic statements of ownership are issued instead of certificates.

A Stock Power document allows you to sell or transfer stocks and bonds on behalf of the deceased's estate provided you're a personal representative, beneficiary, or executor. When someone passes away they often leave stocks and bonds as part of their assets. If those assets are still in the market you may need a grant of authority to get them out. FS Energy & Power Fund: Portfolio and fund update. View Pricing Disclosure For Footnotes 1 2. 1 The actual tax characteristics of distributions to shareholders are reported to shareholders annually on Form 1099-DIV. The payment of future distributions on FSEP's common shares is subject to the discretion of FSEP's board of trustees and Equiniti Group plc (LON: EQN), an international technology-led services and payments specialist, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc. CST will become part of Equiniti's US division, EQ.. CST is a US transfer agent based in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1985 and acts primarily for domestic and international public, micro-cap ($50 and

Frequently Asked Questions. How do I change my address? IRS Form W-9 certifies that a "taxpayer identification number" is not subject to back up withholding. Under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, we are required to withhold taxes on certain payments, including dividends, unless we have a signed W-9 on file. the stock is on

Account Authorization Form to the Plan Administrator, Equiniti Trust Company d/b /a EQ Shareowner. Services, and making an initial cash investment in our  If you hold your stock through a broker, you are an indirect shareholder. View, download and print standard forms for transfer of ownership, required IRS tax  Housing · Spending Power Report · Economic Factbook · Scotland details;; Loss of share certificate, dividend warrant or tax voucher;; To obtain a form for they have been provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited and your shares are  EQ by Equiniti is the stock transfer agent and registrar for Lee Enterprises, Incorporated. 5, Tax information or request a duplicate 1099 DIV form (Jan-Apr) . As the Registrars for National Grid, Equiniti are there to answer any queries about be able to email a query securely and access a range of Shareholder forms. Shares can be purchased by contacting GE's transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services. Equiniti Trust Company (EQ). Tax Forms: GE shareholders will receive a Form 1099-DIV reporting the $78.06 per  1 Feb 2018 Information regarding transition of Wells Fargo Shareowner Services to EQ by Equiniti If your shares are registered with our transfer agent, EQ, you may and Forms: View, download and print standard forms for transfer of 

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Stock Transfer Agent. Tenneco's Transfer Agent, effective November 13, 2006: Registered holders can access information by visiting EQ Shareowner Services is our Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Disbursing Direct stock purchase plan, known as the Shareowner Service Plus Plan. Click here for a prospectus, forms and online enrollment. Equiniti Trust Company contact Equiniti - Shareholder Services for questions about stock certificates, to another person, dividend checks, shareholder records and for an IRS Form Through PACCAR's transfer agent, registered shareholders may elect to have  through Equiniti Trust Company, Dividend Disbursing Agent The Direct Deposit will be made by electronic funds transfer in the United States financial institution For companies that allow dividend reinvestment: Completing this form will not override any previous reinvestment coding. Company name or issue of stock:.

A share certificate can be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Regardless of whether a shareholder loses their stock certificate, that person still owns the shares.